6' x 8' Fastfold Dress Kit Rental

The Dress kit can be rented in conjunction with a fastfold screen rental. Use the fastfold dress kit with its support structures and black velour fabric that offers a skirt across the bottom of screen, a valance across the top and two side drapes along the sides to provide a formal look and functions in rear projection to block out technology and extraneous light from the projection source behind the screen.


Portable Square Format Screen
6' Tripod
8' Tripod
10' Cradle
12' Cradle

Formal Presentation Screens (4:3 Aspect)
7.5' x 10' Fastfold
7.5' x 10' Dress Kit
9' x 12' Fastfold
9' x 12' Dress Kit
10.5' x 14' Truss Screen
10.5' x 14' Dress Kit
12' x 16' Truss Screen
12' x 16' Dress Kit

Formal Presentation Screens (16:9 Widescreen Aspect)
9' x 16' Truss
11'3" x 20' Truss
13.5' x 24' Truss
18' x 3 2' Truss
22'6" x 40' Truss

6x8 Dress kit includes bottom skirt, side drapes, valance and metal structure components - Black Velour

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