Jands Vista T2 Rentals

Jands Vista T2 Rental hire in Orlando Florida. For shows with straightforward requirements, this device offers the sophistication and power of a full-scale desk in a highly portable format. It features all the software and hardware needed to power 15 live controls.

Product Weight:  83.6 lbs
Dimensions:  34.02"W x 25.12"D x 8.58"H

Processor: Pentium® 4, 2.8GHz, 533MHZ
Memory: 512 Mb (Expandable to 1.0 Gb)
Hard Drive: 40GB Ultra ATA Hard drive
Optical Drive: CD-RW Drive (52/24/52X)
Keyboard: 88 button compact keyboard
Trackpad: Cirque 2 button GlidePoint® trackpad

Control panel (Pen Tablet)

LCD: Wacom 15” Pen Tablet, 1024 x 768
Function Buttons: 12, user configurable
Keyboard and Track pad (extra pointing device)
Modifier Buttons:
Dual Blue, Green, Yellow, Red (Left & Right hand)
2 Pen modifier buttons (Left & Right hand)
Power and Help buttons
Tablet Control, Configuration Buttons: 4 for Wacom tablet control
Fader: Grand Master (rotary), plus DBO button
CD/RW: in armrest

Controls: 15, 10 with faders and flash buttons, 5 without
Buttons: Page Up / Down, Select, Go
Split mode allows control of up to 40 Clips
Configurable for control of Groups, Presets and more

Programming Controls
3 Encoder Wheels with associated Blue / White LCD
Next / Previous buttons
12 context sensitive function buttons

Outputs & Connections
4 DMX outputs
1 Ethernet output (compatible with ART-NET and Pathport)
3 USB2 connectors
Linear Time code input
MIDI in/thru/out
RS232 COM port
2 External Monitor Outputs
2 Desk lamp outlets
Audio mic, line in and line out sockets
Trigger input / output

Supply: Universal 100~240 VAC +/-10%, 47~63 Hz, 10A max
Consumption: 400W maximum
Factor: >85% typical @ 115VAC
Mains Connector: One IEC 3-pin socket

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