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GrandMA Lighting Console Rentals

This is the largest console, physically, in the grandMA range. The unit’s 3-color touch screen and up to 2 external monitors make for an extremely comfortable programming environment. Twenty motorized faders, built-in keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and trackball, along with 4 parameter encoders, give operators and programmers a luxurious programming and playback surface.
Note: These products are limited. Please call us for availability.

Product Weight:  103.4 lbs
Dimensions:  47.24"W x 5.91"H x 26.38"D with monitors not folded up

2,048 control channels expandable to 4,096
Simultaneous control of conventional dimmers, color changers and moving lights
2,048 DMX output channels on 4 individual lines or via Ethernet
Additional 2048 channels upgrade via Ethernet
1 DMX Input (Remote, Snapshot and Merge facility)
Input facilities: SMPTE, MIDI, Remote GO, RS232 (Remote), Ethernet
Built-in trackball which also acts as mouse, keyboard button for direct access to touch screen keyboard.
Optional external keyboard and mouse

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