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InterMagic® Interactive Systems rental hire in Orlando Florida. We have opened the door to one of the most powerful, effective and entertaining Marketing solutions to date. Interactivity is a key component that marketing rarely gets the opportunity to use and it is the certain method that will leave an indelible impression with your visitors or audience.

Solutions for Marketing & Advertising

Merging our partnership with EyeClick, Ltd., with our leading graphics production professionals, we now offer the most highly advanced Interactive Display technology in the US marketplace – called InterMagic® . Our InterMagic® systems will attract and immerse people into an exciting brand experience to maximize your exposure and brand recall of your company and your products. Imagine being the most-talked-about event at the next trade show!! You want your products and services remembered, right? Eyeclick® and InterMagic® represent a highly creative, fully customizable platform that can be used for an infinite number of applications. Designed for use in marketing and entertainment applications, units are available in floor, wall and table arrangements to serve business and event needs of all kinds.

In today’s market, its more important than ever to connect with your prospects through truly engaging content. Recent studies have suggested that you have from four to seven seconds to engage your prospects. We have the proven technology and the data to show that our systems retain customers and potential customers for not just seconds, but minutes!!

InterMagic® systems can even be used for research and sales before, during and after hours where visitors can interact to find their products for selection; or just play a game of soccer while your logo and products seamlessly integrate with the game. Wow, what a way to entertain and capture the audience!!

And our systems maximize your customer engagement and recall. We believe in seizing opportunities, taking them one step further and optimizing them for the long run.

Solutions for Special Purposes

Special Applications

Searching for an innovative visual aide that will enhance your existing methods?

Looking to improve the comprehension and visualization of your current product?

Interested in making your visual application more tangible and real?


Excel Presentations is the right partner for you. Do you have a data intensive presentation: Medical, Legal, Scientific? Let us design your presentation Interactively. Are you an educator, teacher or professor & tired of trying to get your class to comprehend the material? How about public speaker?

At Excel, we understand that the future of human interaction depends a lot on innovative thinking and technological skills. From physical therapy to special education, military applications to architectural simulations, EyeClick products are easily adaptable for any purpose and any application.

Combining an intuitive user interface with sophisticated motion technologies and limitless graphics and animations we streamline the process of presentations: No more fumbling for the remote or walking back and forth to the computer. Put the power of EyeClick and InterMagic to work for you. CONTACT US

Solutions for Events

Event Organizers, Booth Designers and Exhibiting companies.

Looking to spice up your upcoming event?

Want to create an impact that will make your event unforgettable?

Searching for a way to break out of the ordinary?

Enter the magical world of EyeClick!

Events are a form of expression; a means of communicating as well as creating and strengthening relationships. There is a time and place where interaction and expression meet. More than anything else, events create new opportunities. Opportunities may relate to business, employees and associates, vendors, and customers – in short, relationships.

We believe in seizing opportunities, taking them one step further and optimizing them for the long run. Bring together all the stakeholders and not only get your message delivered….get it connected, recalled, and remembered!!

EyeClick® & IngterMagic® products have been designed to enable you to turn your next event into a magical adventure.
We know how to integrate motion graphics, innovative interactive technologies and have in-depth knowledge of how people react to a completely new experience. Our interactive flooring and wall surfaces (including interactive tables and interactive boards) are scalable to fit any space, no matter the size or shape.
Excel offers event planners a wide range of attractions and installations that will have people lined up to experience it first hand... There is no question - each EyeClick event creates a unique and memorable experience that stays in people's minds long after your event is over! To find out more CONTACT US

EyeClick Solutions for Retail

Retailers and Special Attractions

Looking to spice up your retail environment?

Want to promote sales, while setting yourself apart from your competitors?

Interested in creating an unforgettable attraction that engages people?

We have the magical solution for you!

Nowadays, it is no longer a question of just being there. You need to differentiate by standing out, rising above the competition and outshining everyone.

Creating a memorable experience for (potential) customers is not easy. Everywhere we go; messages are being hurdled at us in many forms and shapes. As a result, customers are bombarded by an overload of content and communications. So how can you make your mark? Easy – using our interactive and multimedia event products. Sound, plus engaging video PLUS interactivity = activating subliminal triggers.

EyeClick understands that in order to stand out, you must be different - dramatically different. With the EyeClick-InterMagic Mix, you have the perfect tool to make a lasting impact.

We all know that most purchases are made on impulse and driven by emotion. Buying decisions are highly influenced by real-time interaction between consumers and products at the point-of-sale. The EyeClick products have been designed to allow for added-value purchasing, turning ordinary sales into a fun and interactive experience that will be remembered.

Innovative options such as interactive buying, dynamic product catalogues and intuitive comparisons are created by our motion-reactive solutions so your customers can now receive more relevant information, while enjoying a lasting experience that is fun and quick to grasp. No more waiting in the checkout line with only two products for purchase - EyeClick enables customers to virtually shop and compare, gather information and enjoy a wide variety of activities by only waving their hand!

So, whether you are looking to communicate with your crowd at shopping centers, events, business venues or even develop a multi-faceted marketing campaign, our interactive solutions are guaranteed to create real, tangible value at any location, and help make your business dreams come true.

Taking "hands-on" marketing to a new, full-bodied level, when it comes to user experience, Eyeclick has proved that there is much, much more than meets the eye… Call us to learn why we say: “If you can Imagine it, we can create it!”
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