Midas Verona 400 Rentals


Midas Verona 400 Soundboard Mixer Rental

We offer audio sound board rentals in Orlando Florida. Rent hire top audio sound equipment technologies from Orlando's longtime trusted rental source. Serving the industry with convention conference trade show meeting rentals, AV production and staging rental, and events of all kind throughout Orlando central Florida area and beyond with technology rental excellence since 1995. We have the perfect rental solution to ensure your show is a complete success.


This truly professional desk offers excellent audio quality, rigid mechanical construction, long-term reliability and high residual values.Available as an install or touring package, the Verona will handle anything from houses of worship to broadcast and recording, theatre to corporate applications, and, of course, concert sound.

Product Weight:  143.3 lbs
Dimensions:  61.78”W x 30.76”D x 9.15”H

♦ Mic inputs: 40
♦ Frames: 400
♦ EQ: 4 band
♦ Channel Inserts: front panel switchable
♦ SIS panning
♦ 8 Audio subgroups
♦ 8 Aux outputs
♦ 4 Mute groups
♦ 8 Multi function channels
♦ 12 x 4 matrix
♦ Internal PSUs
♦ External PSU available as option

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