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This luminaire's patented and innovative DICHRO*TUNE™ radial color mixing system employs three sets of 16 radially mounted dichroic blades – magenta, blue, and amber – designed to produce a smooth, full spectrum of color cross-fades. For intensity control, it employs a mechanical dimming mechanism consisting of 16 radially-mounted metal dimmer blades to regulate fixture output.  For beam control, the fixture includes a stipple lens; optional interchangeable lenses – clear, 8-row, 10-row, 12-row, and Buxom – are also available and rent separately. The on-board, backlit, invertible LCD display is easy to read with or without the backlight on. Simply plug in DMX512 and power, and the VL500A may be controlled through a variety of DMX512 lighting control consoles.

Product Weight:  Luminaire, 43 lbs; external ballast,16.6 lbs
Dimensions:  25.8"H x 17.0"W with convex lens

Programmable Functions
Intensity Control: Internal mechanical douser.
Color Mixing System: Patented DICHROTUNE radial color changing mechanism features independent magenta, blue, and amber color control.
Beam Control: A selection of six easily interchangeable front lenses work with the internal diffusing mechanism to provide a variety of beam sizes and shapes. (Stipple lens comes in the standard model).
Pan and Tilt: Smooth, time-controlled continuous motion by way of a high-power stepper motor system capable of 0.3° resolution.
Range: Pan - 540°, Tilt - 270°.

Source: MSR700/2 700W Arc Lamp Color Temperature 7200K
Power Requirements: 700W Arc 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Reflector: Precision parabolic glass reflector system with dichroic cold mirror coating.
Operational Temperature: -20° to 122°F
Cooling: Natural convection cooling supported by on-demand micro-fans for high temperature applications.
Control: Completely compatible with a variety of DMX512 lighting control consoles.
DMX Channels: 8-13 channels depending upon mode selected.
Mounting Position: May be mounted and operated in any orientation.
Spacing: Hangs on 19 inch centers