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Playback Pro Plus Software Key

Mac PlayBack Pro Plus USB Software Enabler Key for use installed on one of our Rental systems.

This Macintosh application takes full advantage of advances in software stability and graphics capabilities. Using one output as the operator interface, it sends clean video to the secondary video output, utilizing the graphics card for hardware acceleration with complete control over size, aspect ratio, and levels. Since it provides much greater flexibility in both the field and studio, it is intended to replace hardware digital disk recorders, DVD players, and video tape machines.

While the digital revolution has changed the way video is edited, its effects have not yet been truly felt in the live production industry. PlaybackPro Plus leads the way with a simple but powerful interface that allows flexibility and control over the playback of video content in what might be called non-linear playback. It is completely non-destructive to original video files, allowing the same file to be referenced multiple times with separate in and out points, geometry, and levels. All effects are rendered on the fly.

Because PlaybackPro Plus is a multi-channel (plus mixer) player – allowing cuts and dissolves between clips and many other advanced features – it must be run on a powerful machine with robust resouces: a Macintosh computer running Leopard (10.5) or newer, a Quartz Extreme-capable graphics card, and at least 2GB of RAM.

PlaybackPro works with SimpleSync, which allows easy sync rolls across multiple machines.

The software can be downloaded at http://dtvideolabs.com/download.html and will run in demo mode unless a software key is detected.