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Meyer UPM-1P Powered Speaker


This is a remarkably compact, self-powered professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. It is ideally suited to applications requiring a relatively small and inconspicuous loudspeaker that can also provide high sound pressure levels, extremely low distortion, and uniform directional control.It provides vocal range reinforcement as a small PA system, or as a fill or delay loudspeaker in larger indoor or outdoor systems. It can be used for front and under-balcony fill, theatrical sound reinforcement, portable and installed audio-visual systems, and cinema surround sound and effects.The UPM-1P pairs well with Meyer's UPJunior, and a full-range system can be created with the addition of an optional subwoofer.

Product Weight:  21 lbs
Dimensions:  6.85"W x 18.0"H x 7.7"D