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Martin Professional Stagebar 54S rental hire in Orlando. This is a compact, powerful LED luminaire with a comprehensive color range, all-in-one simplicity and a tough temperament for the touring market. It functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages.The Stagebar 54 is extremely bright - bright enough to be matched with other light sources. Its five colored diodes (Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White), instead of the usual three, offer a broader and finer range of colors. While the amber helps extend the color range and give effective color temperature control, the white diode provides a better white light quality and the chance to create softer, subtler pastels.

Dynamic Effects

Color mixing: RGBAW
Red: 0 - 100%
Green: 0 - 100%
Blue: 0 - 100%
Amber: 0 - 100%
White: 0 - 100%

Control and Programming
Color control modes: RGBAW, RGB, HSI, HSIC
DMX channels: 3 - 30
Grouped pixel control options: 6 x 1 (individual), 3 x 2, 2 x 3 or 1 x 6 (all as one group) pixels
DMX address setting: Manual, auto addressing and auto address copy
Fixture setup: Onboard control panel with display
Display: Battery-powered backlit LCD, 2 x 16 characters
16-bit control (internal): RGBAW, RGB, HSI, HSIC
Protocol: USITT DMX512-A
Receiver: RS-485
Firmware update: Serial upload via DMX link

Photometric Data
Light source: Luxeon K2 high power emitters
LED power per pixel: 2 x 1.2 W red, 2 x 2.9 W green, 2 x 2.9 W royal blue, 2 x 1.2 W amber, 1 x 2.9 W white
Total LED power per bar: 116 W
Even pitch across adjacent fixtures: Horizontal/vertical (Stagebar 54L), horizontal (Stagebar 54S)
Total output (max.): 1900 lm

Color: Black
Housing: Steel and aluminum
Finish: Electrostatic powder-coated
Protection rating: IP20

Mounting points: Adjustable mounting bracket, 1/4-turn locks, four M6 threaded holes
Orientation: Any

Power in/out: Neutrik Powercon
Data in/out: RJ-45

AC power: 100-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Power supply unit: Integrated, auto-sensing multi-voltage
Power output fuse: 15 AT (slow blow)
Main fuse: 4 AT (slow blow)

Cooling: Filtered forced air (temperature-regulated, low noise)
Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 104° F
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 41° F
Maximum surface temperature, steady state, Ta=104°F: 167° F
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 860 BTU/hr.

Noise level: <40 dBA at 3.3 ft., steady state, Ta 77° F

Available under license from Color Kinetics Incorporated

EU safety: EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-17, IEC/EN 60825-1
EU EMC: EN 55 015, EN 55 103-1, EN 55 103-2
US safety: ANSI/UL 1573
Canadian safety: CAN/CSA E 60598-2-17

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